Controls Testing and Debugging are critical steps for providing high quality controls and panels. Before any device leaves our facility it is bench tested and approved by our certified quality auditors. Every panel is powered up and inspected prior to delivery. This extra effort reduces field wiring and start-up time. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of safety to everyone involved in the process. We can set-up functional testing of devices when necessary. 3 phases are checked to ensure they are in phase. Power supply voltages are checked along with transformer voltages. All labeling is reviewed. We confirm that the bill of materials, design, and actual manufacture all match. Our controls testing and debugging prior to delivery makes sure that the design and the manufactured controls system works properly.

Engraved name plates and legend plates are often the operator’s link to proper functionality and ultimately safety. We provide custom engraving for our own name plates for control devices, status indicators, and system legend plates. Our engraved items are designed to meet or exceed your electrical codes. Our custom engraving is automated though our design process. 2 Color Lamacoid Engraving and/or labeling instructions go direct to the engraving and printing equipment from our unique design CAD software. There is no double entry, which is where mistakes often occur. The process is seamless.

  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • 2 Color Lamacoid Engraving
  • Label Printing

We deliver the highest quality products. Maintaining control of all aspects of the manufacturing process, to include testing and debugging, engraving of nameplates, and painting in house, is an important aspect to being able to do that.

controls testing and debugging
Controls Testing and Debugging

electrical panels and controls
Electrical Panels and Controls