Wire Bundles & Harnesses

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Wire Bundles and Harnesses
Wire bundles & wire harnesses
WISPR Wire Bundles and Harnesses

Bevco Engineering specifies, designs, builds, and installs a lot of controls systems for OEMs and resell customers. Wire bundles and harnesses are always utilized. Wire, wire harnesses, and cables are bound together to facilitate installation, repair, and maintenance of the wires, the connection of multiple remote systems, and to maintain organization within control panels.

Bevco Engineering can manufacture/assemble complex cable and wire harness bundles. Unlike machine shops that dabble in bench-top assemblies, we have the dedicated people, processes, equipment, and facilities necessary to manage a complex specification, design, and assembly operation.

Electro-mechanical assemblies have large bills of materials which require multiple sub-orders to build sub-assemblies and experienced engineers and buyers to manage hundreds of customer specified hardware and thousands of SKUs. Managing a complex statement of work requires robust technology and a team of engineers who understand process control, value stream mapping, and have the technical expertise necessary to meet the customer’s needs.

Bevco Engineering has the skills, capabilities, and resources for custom wire harness assemblies, customized electro-mechanical assemblies, OEM wire harnesses, and complex wire bundles.

Catering to our OEM and reseller customer requirements, Bevco Engineering manufactures a wide variety of wire harness assemblies. We provide expert specification, design, and prototyping services. We guarantee our products to meet all provided customer specifications.

Our customers rely on us to provide high quality products and control panel wiring services that meet time and budget constraints and conform to specific standards.

Key reasons our customers come to us again and again:

  • Just in Time Scheduling
  • High Quality
  • Electro Mechanical & Mechanical Assemblies
  • Sub-Assemblies & Control Wiring
  • Discrete Wiring
  • Cable and Wire Harnesses
  • Complex Wire Harnesses
  • Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Flexible Delivery Schedules

When you need quality controls panel wiring, wire bundles, or wire harness assembly work, turn to Bevco Engineering. Please CONTACT US!