Bevco Engineering provides controls for production lines that allow customers to specifically achieve their objectives. Automation control systems allow individual machines/equipment to communicate with each other as needed, as well as to the controlling process server. Simplified maintenance, lower power consumption, error tracking, product flow data display, the capturing and display of the information you desire are all benefits of distributed production line controls.

At Bevco Engineering, we not only provide the controls you need, we provide the control panel design, as well as the manufacture of the control panel.

PLS SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels to provide control of remote equipment. If you can describe what you want your production line to achieve, we can provide the automated controls system to make it happen. Based upon your needs we will design and formulate automation control systems and design and manufacture the required control panel(s).

The use of distributed line control, leads to reduced and simplified maintenance, simpler line cabling, and considerably lower power consumption.

A production line system enables the communication between single machines and a production line.

  • Error tracking is possible
  • Display of data flow between machine production control
  • Data files are sent and received automatically by the production control
  • Data files are booked in and out automatically
  • enables the planning and sorting of data files
  • avoids waiting and searching times

A unique industry specific production line control system for precise control and flexibility is consistent with:

  • Individual HMI consoles at key locations for convenient access
  • Full system diagnostics to aid troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • Data logging of all real time process parameters and variables
  • Clear and intuitive HMI display screens
  • Reporting and data logging capabilities
  • User access control for operational security

When you need a quality controls system for your new or existing production line, turn to Bevco Engineering.

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