For optimum performance, the control system needs to provide unique functionality for your equipment. Bevco Engineering will choose Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) hardware matched to Human Machine Interface (HMI) hardware and software to meet the needs of the application.

We work in conjunction with our customers to balance application requirements, economics, serviceability, and longevity to achieve the optimum solution. In many cases, we will apply PLC products from the most common hardware suppliers; in other cases, applications will require PLCs that have capabilities in specific areas such as motion or process controls that may lend them to lesser-known platforms.

HMI requirements for applications may require PLCs to achieve the desired experience for equipment operators. Bevco has the experience to develop sophisticated screen images, along with data handling and displays. Our PLCs and HMIs can interface with industrial plant computers and products such as labelers and data displays.

Our PLC software and HMI software is ideal for numerous industries, including:

  • Consumer products manufacturing
  • Material handling
  • Food and beverage
  • Paper
  • Heavy industry
  • Metals
  • Mining
  • Light manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • and others

With Bevco’s PLC software and HMI software, you receive complete ownership upon completion. The software can be modified, repurposed, or reprogrammed as you see fit, without having to pay us additional programming or licensing fees. Your custom PLC or HMI solutions are 100% yours.

At Bevco Engineering, our products are Wired Differently. Request a quote on custom control software for your PLCs and HMIs, or contact us for more information.