Features and Standard Equipment

  • Door with safety chain and gas tight gasket
  • Gas tight observation window on door
  • Lifting eyes for field installation
  • Construction to withstand 90 mph wind load
  • Pitched roof to withstand 15 lbs./sq. ft. snow load
  • Continuous stainless steel hinge
  • All stainless hardware
  • Predrilled mounting flange
  • Maintenance-free gel coat finish


  • Any non-standard power supply
  • Mounting, wiring, and piping of any type of equipment needed
  • Motor starters, magnetic or manual
  • Circuit breaker lighting distribution panels
  • High temperature safety override
  • Exterior/Interior lighting
  • Steel, wood, or fiberglass floor
  • Insulation with several "R" values
  • Special color
  • Special holes or plumbing connections
  • Alarm lights, horns, and silencing equipment
  • Timer for exhaust fan
  • Panic hardware/door closers
  • Fan canopy
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Heater

model PBF
Fiberglass Shelter Model PBF


1.0 SCOPE - This specification describes a Bevco House as manufactured by Bevco Engineering Company, Inc., W222N5739 Miller Way, Sussex, WI 53089.

2.0 DESCRIPTION - The house shall be completely assembled, ready to install, and capable of housing any equipment as shown on the drawings. The Bevco House shall be model PBF and shall be supplied with all components factory mounted.

3.0 DESIGN - The house shall be a one-piece molded fiberglass, reinforced polyester (FRP) construction with minimum wall, door, and roof thickness of 1/4". Units with cemented or bolted end caps will not be accepted. All materials of construction are to be ultraviolet resistant, and the finished house, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, shall withstand 90 mph winds and a 15 lb./sq. ft. snow load. The 36"x 6'6" door shall have corrosion resistant hardware and the door shall be provided with a 17"x 17" shatterproof window. The house shall be designated height and width as per order x 7' high at the peak and shall be shipped factory assembled. Included shall be removable lifting eyes and sufficient gasket and mounting flanges for direct setting on concrete slab.

4.0 COMPONENTS - The house shall have the following components factory mounted.

4.1 MOUNTING HARDWARE - All mounting hardware shall be made of stainless steel or other corrosion resistant metal.