Panel Manufacturing: WISPR

WISPR (Wiring Innovative System Processing Raceway) is a more cost effective way to wire!

Bevco’s WISPR Program provides customers with a wire processing option that is unlike any other available today. Based on the customer’s specifications, our innovative engineering program allows Bevco to provide turnkey, ready to install wire bundles more efficiently than anyone else.

Our advanced software uses detailed, intelligent component characteristics stored in a database to eliminate guess work. Drag and drop panel layouts with 3D terminal location derived from your schematic means that no component is skipped or cross reference missed.

  • The Software alerts us if incorrectly rated components are being used
  • Reduces errors in the design as well as the assembly process
  • Reduces engineering and assembly time


Wire and bundle characteristics are electronically transmitted to our wire processing machine. These characteristics include the wire type, color, length, and strip dimensions. In addition, the terminal type is selected and attached. Then the wire is placed in the specific wire bundle. Wire bundles are split into groups based on efficient assembly processes.

  • Significantly reduces labor time to cut, strip, and label the wire, as well as apply required terminals
  • The labeled wire allows assemblers to no longer have to read schematics to assemble, which improves efficiency
  • Wire scrap is greatly reduced


All stripped and un-terminated conductors are ultrasonically welded.

  • Welded strands eliminate the need for ferrules in most applications
  • Terminating welded conductors are faster to install and eliminate loose strands at the termination point
  • Welded conductors allow use of time-saving spring-clamp terminal blocks
Bevco’s WISPR Program reduces errors, decreases labor costs, and improves lead times  


Bevco’s newly introduced WISPR Program will provide your company with a cost effective and accurate wire processing option through the use of innovative engineering programs and state-of-the-art machinery.

Whether we build a panel to a customer’s specifications, or Bevco Engineering designs, we have produced virtually every type of panel across our 50 years of experience. Our WISPR Program significantly reduces costs and increases quality and accuracy. If you would like to learn more about our WISPR program and what it can do for you, CONTACT US