Panel Manufacturing: M-TEC


M-TEC is a more cost effective way to wire!

Through the use of innovative equipment, Bevco’s M-TEC Program provides customers with services including CNC machining, labeling, and lamacoid engraving used for the manufacturing of control panels.
Schematics and the layout of the panel are entered into our advanced engineering software, which are then transmitted to the CNC Machine.

This reduces…

  • Labor time required to position and cut pilot lights, push buttons, and HMI openings on the panels doors 
  • Labor time required to layout components and mark/drill/tap mounting holes 
  • Component position errors during assembly

The data entered from the schematic provides our advanced equipment with the proper labeling for the control panel. This includes labeling for subpanel components, terminal blocks, engraved lamacoids, and UL required labels.

  • Labels will match the component naming scheme perfectly since the labels are derived from the panel schematics
  • Terminal block label data is derived from the schematics and will remain consistent with the drawings 
  • Labor costs are reduced as well as potential assembly errors


Engraved lamacoids are derived from the schematics and entered into the engineering software. The information is then transmitted to our engraving equipment.

  • Label costs are reduced as well as potential assembly errors
  • Lamacoids will directly match the schematics provided
Bevco’s M-TEC Program decreases labor costs, reduces errors and improves lead times

Bevco’s newly introduced M-TEC program will provide your company with accurate labels and CNC machined parts that are insured by our innovative engineering software program and state-of-the-art machinery.

Whether we build a panel to a customer’s specifications, or Bevco Engineering designs, we have produced virtually every type of panel across our 50 years of experience. Our M-TEC Program significantly reduces costs and increases quality and accuracy. If you would like to learn more about our M-TEC program and what it can do for you, CONTACT US