Bevco Engineering designs and manufactures custom electrical control panels for machinery and equipment of all kinds. Whether you need design-and-build services or already have the design finished, we will supply control panels that provide the exact functionality, performance, and interface systems that your unique application requires.

We can produce anything from small, wall-mounted control panels with only a few functions to large, free-standing control cabinets that control hundreds of operations. We can also retrofit existing control panels to accommodate process changes, replace out of date components, or upgrade materials to meet new regulations.

We use state-of-the-art software and automated equipment to ensure perfect precision and 100% repeatability. Our automated control panel assembly processes also provide significant labor savings. The end result is faster, more efficient production at a lower cost to you.

  • M-TEC: Our machining program utilizes CNC technology to reduce labor time and eliminate errors. Processes include machining, hole cutting, drilling, and tapping.
  • WISPR: Our wiring program is an innovative wire processing option unlike any available today. It allows us to provide turnkey, ready-to-install wire bundles that match customer specifications exactly.
  • Testing, Debug, Painting & Engraving: All devices are tested, debugged, and approved by our certified quality auditors before leaving our facility. Our painting and engraving capabilities reduce overall manufacturing lead times.
  • Designing control panels for industrial applications is a process that requires attention to detail. Our engineering services group creates detailed control panel layout drawings, bill of materials, and electrical schematics.
  • Upon design approval by the customer, we implement over 100 quality control check points during the process of building the control panel. Our workmanship and attention to detail ensure that shipments are of the best quality and made exactly to the customer’s specifications.
  • Whether we build a panel to a customer’s specifications, or Bevco Engineering designs, we have produced virtually every type of panel across our 50 years of experience.
  • Low voltage control panels
  • Combination motor starter panels
  • Disconnect panels
  • Explosion proof panels
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quadplex pumping panels
  • PLC panel
  • Customized MCC
  • HVAC / Air Handling Fan panels
  • Heater control panels
  • Custom VFD packaging
  • Solid State starters
  • Crane / Gantry / Lift and Rotation controllers
  • Compressor Control
  • Machinery control packages
  • Machinery assembly and wiring
  • Custom Terminal Block assemblies

All control panel assembly processes are performed in-house. We are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and UL certified. We can build your control panels to meet numerous industry standards for hazardous locations, including:

  • UL508A
  • UL698A
  • ANSI 12.12.01
  • UL1203

Request a quote on custom control panels for your application or contact us to learn more.

UL 508A authorized manufacturing
UL 508A Authorized Manufacturing

UL authorized manufacturer