Bevco Engineering manufactures a complete line of Main Disconnect Panels for the Medical Imaging Equipment market. There are standard designs for systems built by most manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, Toshiba Medical, Philips Medical, and Siemens Healthcare. We can provide accessory products for lighting and Warning Lights to make any installation fast and efficient. Our power disconnect products have been shipped to many countries and have been installed in MR, CT, S-Ray, Mammography, Angioplasty, Fluoroscopy, and Nuclear Medicine applications, along with treatment equipment.

We design and manufacture standard and custom disconnect panels. Our products are engineered to provide effective, cost-efficient solutions. Our power disconnect panels provide emergency shutdown, remote electrical tripping, and overcurrent protection, and serve as local disconnects for systems. They meet OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) provisions. After a power loss, our panels can restore power to equipment following a brief delay that allows incoming power to stabilize, letting the system come back online without maintenance intervention. This auto-restart function reduces the potential for damage to sensitive electronic devices caused by power fluctuations.

Our disconnect panels are compatible with most all manufacturers’ equipment. Just provide the make and model of your system, and Bevco Engineering will provide a high performance, easy to install solution. Everything required for installation is included with each disconnect panel, including wiring diagrams for connecting incoming power, cooling system power, and emergency controls. Each panel is pre-configured for control and power signals.

Custom power disconnect panels are available, designed and built in-house to meet your unique specifications. We specify, design, build, and install. When we have the entire responsibility, there are no excuses.

When you are looking for effective, cost-efficient power disconnect solutions, contact us!