A distributed control system (DCS) refers to a control system a manufacturing system, process, or any kind of dynamic system in which the controller elements are not central in location but are distributed throughout the system with each component sub-system controlled by one or more controllers.

DCS (Distributed Control System) is a computerized control system used to control production and activities of machines.

The entire system of controllers is connected by networks for communication and monitoring.

functional levels distributed control system diagram
Functional Levels Distributed Control System

A distributed control system typically uses designed processors as controllers and uses both interconnections and communications protocol for communication. Input and output modules form component parts of the DCS. The processor receives information from input modules and sends information to output modules. The input modules receive information from input instruments within the operation and the output modules transmit instructions to the output instruments in the operation. Computer buses or electrical buses connect the processor and modules through multiplexer or demultiplexers. Buses also connect the distributed controllers with the central controller and finally to the Human-machine interface (HMI) or control consoles.

The elements of a DCS may connect directly to physical equipment such as switches, pumps, and valves and to Human Machine Interface (HMI) via SCADA. The differences between a DCS and SCADA is often subtle, especially with advances in technology allowing the functionality of each to overlap.

Distribution control systems are dedicated systems used to control manufacturing processes that are continuous or batch-oriented, such as oil refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, cement production, steelmaking, and papermaking. DCSs are connected to sensors and actuators and use set point control to control the flow of material through the plant.

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distributed control system
Distributed Control System