High Speed Sortation

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High Speed Sortation Controls

High speed sortation equipment needs controls that can keep up with the speed of their processes. Bevco Engineering can provide custom controls software that utilizes bar code scanning or RFID technology at speeds up to 600 feet per minute to accommodate your specific material handling system design.

Our high speed sortation controls software is designed to integrate easily with your warehouse management system (WMS) and/or warehouse control system. We can develop custom controls software for any high speed material handling system design. We specialize in software for food and beverage applications, consumer products, paper products, and palletizing, shipping, and distribution.

We build our PLC- and PC-based controls software on existing platforms from leading manufacturers. We will develop your custom software on the platform you specify. If you’re uncertain of the requirements to adequately control your high speed sortation system, we will work with you to find the platform that best suits your needs.

Bevco Engineering is unique in that we give you complete ownership of your controls software upon completion. You can modify, repurpose, or reprogram the software as you see fit, without paying additional licensing or programming fees. Once it’s delivered, your high speed sortation controls software is 100% yours.

At Bevco Engineering, our products are Wired Differently. Request a quote on custom controls software for your high speed sortation process, or contact us to learn more.