Underwriters Laboratories® partners with manufacturers like Bevco Engineering to provide safe products to consumers through UL testing, certification and follow-up audits. Because the UL Mark is so important, manufacturers must submit a design layout of the UL Mark to a UL label center for review to verify that all required information is in an acceptable format. UL maintains a database of suppliers who are authorized by UL to print labels with the UL Mark. You will find Bevco Engineering in that database.

Bevco Engineering is a UL 508A certified panel manufacturer. But, we are not limited to UL 508A: we also have UL listing to manufacture enclosures for Hazardous Locations, including Explosion-Proof, Purged Cabinets, and Intrinsically-Safe Extensions. Hazardous Locations approvals require everything that UL 508A requires, plus additional expertise in labeling, testing, and wiring practices.

UL provides certification to manufacturers that can be identified by consumers through the use of the UL Mark on the product. UL only authorizes certain suppliers to print labels with the UL Mark.

UL establishes on-going Follow-Up Services that audit products at predefined intervals after the initial certification so that manufacturers and consumers can feel confident that quality is maintained.

Bevco Engineering Operates a UL 508A Certified Panel Shop

Most states and municipalities in the U.S. no longer require the building inspector to approve/reject industrial control panels. They instead require an agency approval. UL is the most common approval. Having the UL mark on an industrial control panel means that the inspector only has to look at the installation of the control panel for compliance with NEC or local codes. In fact, without the UL mark (or similar agency approval) most municipalities will not pass your final inspection until you have the panel inspected and a sticker stating so affixed to the panel by an approved agency. This can be very costly when done after the fact. Underwriter’s Laboratories has authorized Bevco Engineering to affix the UL 508A label to the products produced by its Panel Fabrication Shop. This is both an honor and a responsibility that Bevco Engineering is able to translate into a value to you.

The UL mark, when applied to an industrial control system, is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Compliance with NEC and NFPA standards, as well as Safety. This UL classification is referred to as UL 508A. The UL 508A mark indicates to you that all details of the integration of the components within the enclosure were done consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications and that the interconnecting of these components meets or exceeds any other Code requirements.

What we must do before affixing the UL sticker on your panel:

  1. Each component in a UL 508A system is evaluated for compliance with: UL, Electrical Safety, NEC/NFPA codes.
  2. Each component must be approved for use in the application.
  3. Each component is evaluated for compatibility with other components in the system.
  4. The circuits and circuit protection within the panel must be engineered for compliance with UL and safety. This engineering process starts with the incoming power source and ends at the field devices that are energized by the controls system.
  5. The Panel must be engineered so none of the components ratings are compromised. Careful attention is paid to clearances, wire bending space, proximity to foreign voltage, finger safety, and compatibility with the operational environment.
  6. Conductor size and routing must meet UL specifications.
  7. Conductors used must be UL listed for use in an industrial control panel.
  8. Affix informational stickers such as: Fuse Charts listing each fuse and its rating, tightening torque charts for any field screw connections, incoming power rating, and more.

Bevco Engineering operates a UL 508A Certified Panel Shop with professionals that desire to serve you. Contact us!

UL 508A authorized manufacturing
UL 508A Authorized Manufacturing

UL authorized manufacturer