Features and Standard Equipment

  • Doors with gas tight gaskets
  • Gas tight observation window on door
  • One intake louver for ventilation with bug screens
  • Three point latch with key lock
  • Fire retarding insulation on all sides
  • Electrical power inlet connector (LB Fitting)
  • Pitched roof to withstand 30 lbs./sq. ft. snow load with drip lip
  • Vinyl covered floor
  • Large subpanel with extra space for field mounting of accessories
  • Separate compartments for gas and gas handling equipment and electrical/instrumentation equipment


  • Any non-standard power supply
  • Mounting, wiring, and piping of any type of equipment needed
  • Motor starters, magnetic or manual
  • Circuit breaker lighting distribution panels
  • High temperature safety override
  • Fan canopy
  • Special color
  • Alarm lights, horns, and silencing equipment
  • Timer for exhaust fan
  • Exterior lighting

industrial fiberglass controls shelter
Fiberglass Shelter Model 7523-F


1.0 SCOPE - This specification describes a Bevco House as manufactured by Bevco Engineering Company, Inc., W222N5739 Miller Way, Sussex, WI 53089.

2.0 DESCRIPTION - The house shall be completely assembled, ready to install, and capable of housing any equipment as shown on the drawings. The Bevco House shall be model 7523-F and shall be supplied with all components factory mounted and wired.

3.0 DESIGN - The house shall be compartmentalized with two separate sections, one section for chlorine or other equipment and the other section for electrical equipment. The house shall be of a one piece molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). The floor shall be 11 gauge steel, provided as an integral part of the house, and reinforced to support gas cylinders or other heavy objects. The floor shall be vinyl covered. The interior of the house shall be insulated with a 1" minimum layer of plastic insulation. The plastic insulation shall meet U.L. specifications for fire resistant SE -1 foam with an R-value of 7.2. The house shall have dimensions of 67-1/4" wide, 29" deep, by 81" high with pre-drilled holes for fastening to 1/2 inch bolts preset in concrete. The roof shall be pitched and provided with a drip lip. The side wall shall contain two screened vents, one for an air inlet and one for exhaust. The house shall have two independent, continuously hinged, three point latched doors. One door shall have a key lock handle. On the chlorination compartment, a gas tight window, 9"x7", shall be provided for inspection of the interior without opening the door.

4.0 COMPONENTS - The house shall have the following components factory mounted and wired in non-conductive, non-corrosive electrical conduit, boxes and fittings.

4.1 ELECTRICAL FIXTURES - The following electrical fixtures shall be provided: PVC light fixture with covered bulb. Exterior mounted, weatherproof, automatic-manual selector switch interlocked with a door actuated micro-switch to operate the fan and lights either manually or automatically when the door is opened. A 2 pole 120/60/1, fused safety switch of sufficient size to handle the electrical accessories. Duplex receptacle(s) in PVC weatherproof enclosure.

4.2 EXHAUST FAN AND INTAKE LOUVERS - An exhaust fan shall be provided with intake louvers capable of providing complete air change every minute.

4.3 HEATER AND THERMOSTAT - A heater and thermostat with sealed contacts of sufficient size shall be provided.

4.4 MISCELLANEOUS - Plastic vent and vacuum bulkhead fittings will be supplied.